A No Tolerance For Alcohol Rule


The scope of the new law against drunk drivers.
The penalties will apply to drivers who refuse to be tested for alcohol, 45 will be assessed a statutory minimum wage and subject to the suspension of your driver’s license for five to ten years.

The bill, authored by Representative Gloria Stella Diaz Look pertaining to the movement, also sets penalties depending on the level of alcohol that is in the driver’s blood.


1. Between 20 and 39 mg. of ethanol/100 ml. blood: shall be ordered to suspend the driver’s license between six and twelve months.

Two. First degree of intoxication (40 to 99 mg. Ethanol/100 ml of blood) is order the suspension of the driving license for one to three years.

Three. Second degree of intoxication (between 100 and 149 mg. Than ethanol/100 ml. Blood) will order the suspension of the driving license for three to five years, and the obligation to take a course in awareness, knowledge and consequences of the alcohol and drug addiction, which will be held in rehabilitation centers duly authorized, for a minimum of 40 hours.

April. Third degree of intoxication (from 150 mg. Ethanol/100 ml of blood, hereafter) order the suspension is between five and ten years of driving license, and the obligation to take a course in awareness, knowledge and consequences of the alcohol and drug addiction, which will be held in rehabilitation centers duly authorized, for a minimum of 80 hours.

“With this we are contributing significantly to road safety in the country, getting them to reduce accident rates on the roads,” said the representative Diaz.

Senator Juan Lozano, author of the law stressed that reconciliation after both houses the bill will be signed by the President of the Republic. “Zero tolerance of alcohol and gasoline mixture, ie people who had had a beer or two, I could say I was in grade one and had no sanction, that caused many of the country’s automotive tragedies,” said Congressman .

In the same way, the senator said that although the bodies assimilate alcohol differently the principle is that whoever manages not take. Likewise, a senator said the bill provides that “at this time who did not want to be tested may withdraw, but will be punished as if he had third degree of alcohol.’s That nothing should, nothing to fear”

In this sense, the initiative includes the driver that made access to physical evidence or clinics shall be punished with license suspension for five to ten years king of prussia dui lawyer .

It was also expected that anyone caught driving at any degree of alicoramiento, you can not benefit from the sale as provided by law for the advance payment of traffic violations.

Alexandra Rojas Mosquera, national director Road Prevention Fund, said it is very positive that the new tool gives doers scrutiny by the fact that it punishes those who refuse breath tests.

“With this we are taking out of the way for someone who can be a danger to others,” he said.

He added that with the determination of Dui In Pa that there are no more reductions in the fines for drunk driving is given a very clear message of zero tolerance for this behavior.

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